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Mike Laanela is journalist, photographer and instructor based in Vancouver, B.C.

Covering breaking news online

Sometimes when we cover news online we post one version of a story and that is the final version, until the next day, much like a newspaper. But online readers expect news stories will be updated right away with the … Continue reading

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Online research and verification

Ideally all good journalism is based on original interviews and original research, but with so much information available online, journalist often turn to the internet to fill in the missing details of their stories. After all, when you are looking … Continue reading

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Social media for journalists

"He's a young guy, 19 years old. I wish I was as successful as he was." — CBC News (@CBCNews) January 31, 2014 In the past ten years social media has completely transformed the way journalists and media … Continue reading

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Search Engine Optimization and tracking on WordPress

A key part of online journalism is making sure potential readers can find your stories easily using Google and other search engines. It’s called Search Engine Optimization, or SEO for short, and it’s a very simple skill that can pay … Continue reading

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Data Journalism: Using Charts, graphs and data visualization

  Data journalism a relatively new kind of journalism that uses the power of computers to find stories in large sets of numbers or data. It often uses information from government reports or academic studies. It can include geographical, medical, … Continue reading

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The art of interviewing

This week we are going to look at getting the human element in your stories. Interviews are a fundamental part of all journalism. Much of what we write about is how humans live together and the conflicts and interactions we … Continue reading

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Embedding in

One easy way to make a blog post more interesting is to add an interactive element like a link, a map, a video, a poll or even a document. WordPress allows you to create a limited number of these either … Continue reading

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The use of images in online news

Photography plays an important roll in online journalism. We’ve all heard the cliché that a picture can tell a thousand words, because it’s true. That’s because a good picture can make a story come alive. Studies show that images of … Continue reading

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Introduction to online news writing

Online news can be presented in a wide range of formats, from photos and video, to data graphics, but simple words and pictures remain the most popular format for online news. Traditionally news stories are generally divided into two broad … Continue reading

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What is online journalism?

What is online journalism and why should we study it? Can’t anyone with access to a computer and the internet create a website and call themselves an online journalist? The answers to these questions are at the centre of the … Continue reading

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